Our Vision

Our vision is to create future innovators who can build a sustainable society with the help of science and technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the young minds in the field of STEM and inspire them to think beyond what’s possible!

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is an international robotics program for students in grades 7–12 who are interested in building and programming their own robot and then testing it in competition against other teams. 

The Team

We are a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team founded in 2016 based on the principle that learning STEM skills and life skills are important in the early years of education. Every year, students analyze the game rules that are unique to the season and are challenged to design, build, program and operate a robot to compete head to head and make alliances with other teams. Students develop STEM skills, and practice engineering principles such as computer aided design, prototyping, build, programming, and testing, while realizing the value of hard work, and dedication. Students also learn valuable life skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, empathy, collaboration etc. as they navigate the robotic challenge.

Exploring alternatives, weighing pros & cons, making rational decisions in solving problems, being effective in communications etc are important skills that help the students to adapt to different situations and create a better future for themselves and for the world at large.

At RoboLords we are driven by passion and fueled by creativity to make a difference!

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