Intro to Robotics Build & Programming

This is an introductory level program where students learn to build and program a robot using Java. There are various areas that can be of interest to a student, like the engineering, electrical and electronics, programming and validation. Students get the opportunity to explore all these areas and possibly find a spark of interest that could become their passion. The first class is a try out and is free. The 4 week in-person session is $100 per student and runs on Sundays (May 1, 8, 15, 22) from 2 to 4pm. Sessions will be hosted in Ashburn, VA. Sign up here to enroll -

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Past Trainings in 2021/22

These courses are aimed at middle and high school students, and organized by our FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team RoboLords. Most courses are planned for once a week (1 hr each), though some courses may be twice a week. Each course will be a total of 8 weeks. Please sign up by selecting the courses you are interested in and your availability. We will schedule you into the course based on your interests and availability.

See the course details below. If you have any questions, please contact us at

1) Java Programming - covering topics such as variables, data types, logic and loop statements, classes, object oriented programming, polymorphism, interfaces, abstract classes, data structures like arrays, matrices, etc, with graded quiz and hands-on project.

2) Python Programming - covering topics such as variables, data types, logic and loop statements, functions, classes, data structures like lists, tuples, file handling, modules etc, with graded quiz and hands-on project.

3) Science (Physics, Chemistry) - covering topics such as light, sound, gravity, atomic structure, periodic table & forces of attraction, chemical reactions, kinematics, electricity & magnetism etc. We also discuss about recent developments in scientific world.

4) Algebra 1 - covering topics such as linear equations, quadratic equations, functions, factoring, distance and midpoint formula, linear inequalities, expression & equations, arithmetic & geometric sequence etc

5) Calculus - Introduction to calculus, limits, integrals & derivatives, related rates etc.

6) Computer Aided Design (CAD) - Introduction to computer aided design using CAD softwares like Fusion 360 or Solidworks. Parametric modeling, part assembly etc, . This course will be in person for the students to see the process of 3D printing and students will take home their printed models. All other courses are virtual

Once the enrollment is accepted and confirmed, you will be requested to donate $25 to $50 (depending on the course) towards fundraising. However if you have financial hardships, we can discuss and waive that for you.

Our Tutors who are volunteering countless hours to make this happen!

Akash Pamal

Senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

Rohit Prasanna

Senior at Academies of Loudoun

Ananya Pamal

Sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

Samhita Gupta

Sophomore at Briar Woods High School

Ishan Bhikha

(Senior at Academies of Loudoun)

Siddharth Tibrewala

(Senior at CHS)